June 2014


CodeGell project tests if real-time CSG generation with volumetric texture map creation is feasible for use within a computer game. Overall, while performance was acceptable rendering one object, the resulting application would not be scalable for use within a production computer game.

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CodeGell uses a modified version of the Netgen library, which I had stripped-down to only generate triangles, surface meshes, and overall improve performance and usability for realtime operations.
When CodeGell is given a description of an object, it will send it through my Netgen variant to determine the triangles forming the object' s mesh, put the triangles on a texture image, and fill the texture using an appropriate volumetric voxel texture. With this process, CodeGell renders in real-time object cuts and holes instead of the object itself in a traditional computer game rendering engine.

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CodeGell uses modern OpenGL 4.0 rendering, along with GLEW, Surface-Netgen-Fork, and GLFW3.
For more information, see the source code on GitHub.

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