Flux Sim
August 2014


Flux Sim is thermal simulation program I wrote to test the Eigen matrix math library and the SFML graphics library.
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The thermal dynamics are performed by iteratively solving a large spare matrix linking each neighboring cell (image pixel)
to each other cell and locally equalizing the temperatures, simulating heat flow.
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The physics and mathematical infrastructure for this program were derived from Nuclear Heat Transport by M. M. El-Wakil


This application accurately simulates the thermal transport over time within a piece of aluminum,
although other materials can be added with material files which specify the material heat capacity at different temperatures.
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Because this application simply simulates a massive 2D grid as a matrix, it was easy to add support for insulated points and fixed-temperature points.
Simulating additional geometry, while certainly possible, has not been experimented with.
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This program is written in platform-independent C++ code, but you'll have to source the libraries yourself and I have not tested Unix/OS X compilation.
The Windows executable can be downloaded here -- you'll also need the Visual Studio 2012 (32-bit) C++ redistributable.
The source code and assets can be downloaded here
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